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Today, Friday, February 13, will be the final day of surgeries for this Little Hearts Project surgical team. Making a quick visit through the hospital this morning, I found Elvin, Nelsy and Baby Karla resting comfortably in the ICU. Upstairs, in the step-down pediatric unit, Diego and Jade continue their recoveries. Diego is napping and sweet little Jade is still scowling at us. On the other side of the unit, Genesis is patiently waiting for her turn in the operating room with her mother and another Mom is soothing a fussy Joaquin.

Yesterday, Karla was sent to the Barnabas House to continue her recovery from Monday’s surgery.

As the week has progressed, the Honduran medical staff has assumed more and more responsibility. The Honduran cardiologists will be making rounds, following up on their patients. The intensivists working in the ICU are Honduran and Hondurans nurses are caring for the patients. Today in the operating room, the surgery will be performed with an all-Honduran team. Their US and Central American counterparts will be present to provide support and back-up.

Each day has brought us closer to realizing the dream of a permanent pediatric cardiac surgical unit in San Pedro Sula!

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