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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

FOB’s last Little Hearts Project team member is ready to come home. Most of the surgery and interventional cath patients have returned to their homes, enjoying their new lease on life. Still at the Barnabas House are our oldest and youngest surgery patients. They both need some extra nutritional boosting so that complete healing can happen.

The rest of the activities at the Barnabas House are returning to normal. Our extended care patients continue to come to receive medications, exams and referrals when needed. The staff is restocking, cleaning, and preparing for the next Mountain Medical Team, which arrives in Honduras in just over a week. The rain continues to come in the evening, cooling and cleansing.

There are still children who need your help. We pray for each one, and thank God that He is the provider of all of our needs.

Thank you for all you do to support Friends of Barnabas, and most importantly, the children of Honduras.

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