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Smooth Sailing

Saturday, August 23

The team started the morning by meeting at the airport at 4am and our adventure started. We loaded our plane in Richmond to head to Newark only to have to deplane due to new dents on the plane. They were able to get us on another plane within an hour. We landed in Newark with only minutes left before our plane to Honduras was set to leave. United Airlines was very gracious and held the plane until we got there to board and it was smooth “sailing” from there. Yolanda was already waiting in the airport at San Pedro Sula when we arrived as she had flown from Florida.

After arriving at the Barnabas House we unpacked and went straight to work. Tariq and Katie started sorting out the duffel bags to be taken to the communities each day. Evelyn and Dale worked with Marco down in the bodega sorting eye glasses. Linda, Yolanda, Shirley, Lee, Carlos, Peggy, Susan, Donnie, Dr. Vijay, Michelle and Jessica sorted vitamins and Tylenol into individual bags for the week’s clinics.

Afterwards, we all sat down to a lovely dinner. Nury and Shirley discussed the plans for the week and we had a devotional. It has been a very long day but we are all excited about the week to come!

The Dinwiddie Mountain Medical Team

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