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Tuesday's Journal

We left for San Antonio de Yure in the department of Comayagua at 8am after sharing breakfast with the staff, interpreters, a local nurse and dentist, and the U.S. team. This is always a special morning that gives us a time of fellowship with those who support the effort throughout the year. Nury introduced the staff, interpreters and others. Team leader Ronnie Dillon introduced the U.S. folks with some help from Zenaida.

Today’s community is about 45 minutes away from the FOB compound and has a population of 525, living in 78 houses. Ninety percent of the houses have toilets, with twenty-five percent of those outside the house. There is a faucet in the community adjacent to the public bathrooms.

There is schooling available from kindergarten through high school. Most common physical complaints in the community are in the areas of respiration, abdominal and dermatological. The nearest Health Center is 20km away, with the trip costing 80 lempiras. Ninety percent of births occur in the hospital, and the incidence of teenage pregnancy is 25 percent. The community has electricity and the main agricultural activities are coffee, orange and banana groves.

The work in the clinics today is summarized below.

Medical clinic – 311 patients

Deworming – 175 treatments

Vitamin A – 48

Fluoride Treatments – 76

Eye Clinic – 43 patients

Dental clinic – 40 patients with 50 extractions and 4 fillings

Extended Care Referrals - 7

On Wednesday, we will travel to El Palmer, Las Vegas, in the department of Santa Barbara.


R Scott Williams

for the Danville 2014 Team

Ronnie Dillon

Judy Szulecki Bunin

John and Susan Crews

Karen Haley

Judy Hartman

David Helton

Deedee Jamison

Amy Keesee

Don Merricks

Larry and Emily Ratliff

Paul Settle

Lorie Touart

Robin Williams

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