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Monday in La Masica

The day began with a hardy breakfast of eggs, toast, cereal, juice and milk (I’m sure I missed a little something there) at 6:30 and we were on the road at 7:30.

We traveled to La Masica, about an hour or so away from La Casa de Alfredo. The community is part of the Santa Cruz de Yojoa area in the department (like a state) of Cortes. There is running water available in parts of the community. Electricity is normally available in the school rooms but was out during our visit today. The closest health center is about 22 miles away, to which most would need to travel by foot. Most births occur at the Leonardo Martinez hospital, as there is no midwife in the village.

Judy (RN) gave her cross away today to an elderly lady she met while working with the woman’s family. Karen gave hers to a 9-year-old boy who had befriended her during the day, and who traveled several hours with a friend to the clinic. Our lunch break around noon or so consisted of guacamole, tortillas, “refried” beans and watermelon, along with the optional peanut butter and jam sandwich and juice.

Our return brought us home close to dinner, which consisted of baked chicken, rice, beets, fried plantain, radishes, tortillas and juice. Emily and Larry provided devotion tonight, which included a reflection on Fred Rogers, better known as “Mister Rogers,” and the humble way in which he accepted a lifetime honor.The team’s work in the clinics is summarized below by numbers, but these do not reflect the personal, and yes, even play, experiences team members had with the beautiful people of La Masica and the surrounding area.

General (medical) clinic – 282

Deworming – 165

Vitamin A – 58

Fluoride – 42

Eye Clinic – 50

Dental clinic – 32 patients with 43 extractions and 3 fillings

Extended Care Referrals - 1

We will travel to San Antonio de Yure in the department of Comayagua tomorrow and will reflect on the day accordingly.


R Scott Williams

for the Danville 2014 Team

Ronnie Dillon

Judy Szulecki Bunin

John and Susan Crews

Karen Haley

Judy Hartman

David Helton

Deedee Jamison

Amy Keesee

Don Merricks

Larry and Emily Ratliff

Paul Settle

Lorie Touart

Robin Williams

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