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El Candungo

The Trinity team had a great day in El Candungo. We expected rain; however, the roads were okay, the temperature actually reached 70 degrees and it felt even warmer. (What is the temperature in Richmond again???) The trip was about 1 ½ hours long.

Thomas Lott gave the morning sermon, really engaging those gathered. He spoke about the Kingdom of God being in the community, but that we did not bring it. There were “Amens” from the crowd. He also shared in his message that it is the team members who are being blessed by the opportunity to serve.

The school rooms were clean and the people were glad to see us. All the clinics had good spaces to work in. This community has not been visited by FOB for five or six years. Everyone commented on the well-behaved children.

The team has two new nurses and they had a productive day working with the veterans.

Cheryl removed two-month-old stitches from a woman’s foot. The foot was infected but the lady did not realize how serious her situation was. What would have happened if FOB had not shown up?

We are working with Pedro Lopez, the new Inventory Coordinator, and Kelly Carradine, the Inventory Manager, who is replacing Jackie Covolo. The old and new folks worked very well together and everybody felt good about the day.

Team Leader Don Boyd is a natural with the fluoride treatments, entertaining the children with his Spanish.

The numbers for the day:

Clinic – 152

Dental – 20; Extractions - 24

Eyes – 47

Deworming -77

Vitamin A -26


Referrals – 5

Zenaida found a lady who has a serious heart defect and arrangements were made to get her to San Pedro Sula for further treatment. Her life may have been saved.

We are looking forward to a great week of serving.

The Trinity Mountain Medical Team

Don Boyd, Team Leader

Heather Case

Bill Curry

Charles Green

Roger Hart

Sarah Henley

Lynn Johnston

Thomas Lott

Bert Norfleet, Jr.

Don Pierce

Virginia Rhines

Jane Tucker

Art Utley

Cheryl Walsh

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