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It is Well with our Soul

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Today we woke up to the smell of homemade donuts prepared by Virginia and Albita. We departed for El Porvenir at 7:30 AM. It was a two hour drive up the beautiful mountain with sweeping agricultural views. We saw 143 patients today and had 12 referrals.

A few highlights for today:

In follow up to the apneic baby who was admitted to the hospital yesterday, he is doing well and will be released to Barnabas House for continued observation.

It's exciting to return to a village a year later and see the fruits of our work. Last year the Trinity team fitted a little boy for glasses in El Porvenir with the new children's refractor machine. Today his mother informed us that he is excelling at school and she is so grateful for FOBF. In addition, we had the opportunity to examine a little girl who was badly burnt by a cooking fire. She received skin graphs and is healing well.

Some general observations of the El Porvenir community are:

  • Many large families (5-6 + members) and lots of babies.

  • Several children exhibiting hyper mobility

  • A lot of high blood pressure and several upper respiratory issues from inhaling smoke from cooking fires.

Another compelling story was the Team's collaboration when the medical clinic observed a young girl who had an abnormal oral growth and referred her to the dental clinic. The dental clinic was able to remove the growth, much to the families appreciation.

We had an exciting return to the Alfredo House today, as we pulled in and noticed the flow of water coming from the George M. Blair Memorial Well. We had a great celebration and prayer led by Jesse and the team.

On our last full day of the week, we feel so blessed by to have the opportunity to serve the people of Honduras and look forward to returning.

- Sarah Raelyn & Amy O'Connell

art & Kristen Powell

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