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All Hands on Deck

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

This morning we started the day with a delicious Honduran breakfast which we shared with the Friends of Barnabas staff. Our two hour drive to El Tontolo led us through coffee farms. The final stretch to the village was too steep for the bus, so the team had to walk about 0.3 miles down a steep grade to the village (of course this meant that the team had to walk up the terrain when leaving the site).

Once we got to the site we saw a mother who had walked 90 minutes with her sick 3 month old son. He was blue, and his heart rate was seriously low at times. He would have episodes where he stopped breathing, and he had suffered a seizure. A quick response from Lilian, FOB’s Community Health Nurse, and the baby was brought to the clinic urgently and seen by Dr. Moncada and Dr. Powell. Many of the team members were “all hands on deck” helping to get oxygen and transportation to take the baby to San Pedro Sula (a 3 hour ride). The baby has been admitted to the hospital where FOB recently held NICU trainings.

We also saw a 2 year old boy who is blind. He had already been seen by Friends of Barnabas in the Extended Care Program when his family was unable to afford treatment. Now there is a non-profit in Honduras that runs a school for the blind.

Don Boyd, working in the eye clinic, let a patient try on his glasses. The patient liked Don’s glasses so much that Don gave him his glasses.

The leadership of the town wrote a thank you note to the FOB team and staff. They were so appreciative of us.

~Linda Hart & Kristen Powell

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