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Team Danville at Home in Honduras

Journal 1

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Day 1 – Welcome Home

After a safe flight from Greensboro, NC, followed by a nearly two hour bus ride from the San Pedro Sula airport, the Danville Mountain Medical Team arrived at Friends of Barnabas this past Saturday morning, April 22. We were greeted by the Director, Nury, who showed us our accommodations for the week and introduced us to the staff. Fresh fruit and juice awaited our arrival. We were allowed time to unpack our belongings, then were put to work.

One group of volunteers from our group worked in the kitchen of Alfredo House sorting tens of thousands of Tylenol 500 mg, Tylenol 325 mg, and Tums. The medications were counted and separated 30 per bag to take into the villages during the week. Another group worked outside to sort and count bags of children’s clothing, infant hats, nearly 150 reusable shopping bags, feminine hygiene products, and more than 150 pairs of children’s flip flops. All items, plus soccer balls and pumps, were divided and placed into five bags, one for the team to carry into the villages each day.

The smell of seasoned chicken, rice, and beans filled the kitchen, as the team gathered around the communal dining table. The day’s sorting and packing was finished in time for us to enjoy our first meal together in Honduras. We took one another’s hands, as we asked for God’s blessing upon our meal, our team, and the work we have been called to do here in the mountains of Honduras.

Following dinner, still seated at the table, Nury formally welcomed the team to our new home, explaining, “When you come here, this is home. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s home.” We will have clean water and air conditioning for the week, a safe building to sleep in, and delicious food prepared for us daily. She talked of the Friends of Barnabas programs, those we serve, and the people of Honduras. She stated that the people of Honduras do not have a lot of things, but that they are happy. She told us about their closeness as a people, and of their strong spirituality, especially among the elders. We were invited to open our senses to truly experience their culture, and to open our hearts to the people we would encounter throughout the week. For some of us, this is our first trip to the mountains of Honduras, while other more experienced volunteers have made this trip to serve the needs of these people many times. Whether we are novices or well-seasoned volunteers, we are all eager servants. We are honored to be a part of this organization’s efforts to provide medical care to the children and families in need. We are looking forward to opening our senses and our hearts as we do God’s work here with the people of Honduras. We are happy to be home.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 2 –

The Danville team awoke on day 2 to the sounds of birds chirping and the smell of fresh coffee brewing. A day of adventure had been planned for our group. After fueling up on a delicious breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, homemade yogurt, apricot syrup and honey, and fresh fruit and juice, our team boarded a bus bound for the Bioparque Paradise. This lush natural garden is true to its name, boasting miles of hiking trails, cascading streams, brightly colored flora, and flowering fruit trees. The team tasted a various assortment of fruits along our hike, such as royal lemon, cacao, coffee beans, and other fruits all plucked right off the trees. The team was able to visit a local grocery market and eat lunch before heading to the second adventure of the day, kayaking. Only a few stayed behind to rest at the house, while the rest of the group rented kayaks and paddled Pena Blanca’s Yojoa Lake.

The day was sunny and warm, as the team admired the breathtaking views of the mountains from the vantage point of the lake. A dinner of whole fish at the beautiful, secluded El-Cortijo del Lago was the team’s next treat and final outing of the day. We held hands before dinner and asked for blessings over our dinner as well as our mission. When we arrived back at Alfredo House, Rev. Larry House prayed over our group once again, and Ronnie Dillon graciously led the nightly devotion. Ronnie reiterated what Nury had said the night before about the happiness of the Honduran people. He discussed Matthew 28 and Isaiah 58. He talked about serving God by serving others. Larry closed our nightly devotions with a prayer. The team had a wonderful day of getting to know one another better and experiencing some of the natural beauty and fun experiences that Honduras holds. Now that we have had our fun, we are truly ready to get to work. Our first work day will begin with breakfast at 6:30 a.m., and we will soon after board the bus headed to our first village. Please keep our team in your prayers as we serve God by serving these people throughout this week.

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