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Blowing Bubbles

Journal 5

The day started with a simple breakfast and a beautiful morning. Jessica gave our morning devotion, which was based on the tight rope walker whose faith in God helped him to walk across the Grand Canyon despite the strong winds.

We headed to Los Laureles Concepcion Sur, a coffee growing community which has 60 families living in 60 houses. The community has potable water and electricity. Today was the first sunny day of the week and many members of the community were unable to attend the clinic because their livelihood depends on picking coffee. Coffee is harvested by hand and can only be picked on sunny days. Sharon found it sad that the community had to choose between work and receiving healthcare.

Larry enjoyed gathering outside with the community and reciting the Lord’s Prayer together.

Today we saw a total of 126 patients in the medical clinic with 11 referrals.

Michelle saw an 85-year-old man who was very sick, falling at home and had a fever. She was worried about him and made sure he had support at home. Peggy has no ears to clean today, but was able chat with the gentleman’s 88-year-old wife, who was extremely appreciative and blessing us. She gave her cross to this very sweet woman. Nareesa and Beverly treated an elderly woman who had an abscess on her nose that was partially drained. Nareesa gave the patient her cross for being so stoic during this painful procedure, and Beverly appreciated that they could provide potentially lifesaving treatment.

Jessica had an older man who had a deep cut on his hand that required cleaning and dressing. The patient never complained about his hand; Jessica’s translator happened to see it and asked him about it. The highlight of Yolanda’s day was holding a 1 week old baby. Carlos commented on the slower than average day. Dale played with a 10-month-old boy while his parents were being seen, and his father returned with oranges for her.

Donnie had a slow day in deworming. They gave 113 vitamins, 70 deworming pills, and 17 fluoride treatments. He was disheartened when a 17-year-old girl spit her deworming pill out. Jay loved blowing bubbles with the children and making them laugh. Shirley’s highlight of the day was watching Jay blow bubbles!

Susan and Barrett saw 8 patients with 10 extractions in the dental clinic. Susan helped calm a fussy baby while the mother was having a tooth pulled, so Barrett had to step in and assist the doctor with the extraction.

Evelyn saw 29 patients in the eye clinic, with the eldest being 85.

Tariq’s highlight of the day was his affogato, an espresso with ice cream!

This evening’s devotional was given by Peggy. A little boy was throwing starfish back into the water during the low tide, with thousands of starfish stranded on the beach. He made a difference to each starfish he threw in. We make a difference to every child we encounter.

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