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Chocolate Makes Everything Better

Journal 2

Today we worked hard and played harder. The day started peacefully with gentle rain and lots of comradery. Jay appreciated the quiet start with time for contemplation and good coffee! After a delicious breakfast we had a devotion about former President George HW Bush not having money to put into the collection plate. His father slipped him some money which he put in the plate. Today's moral is that God gives us gifts in different forms. Some of us hold back these gifts which were meant to be given away. God is investing in us with the hopes that we will give back to Him.

Then we went to Finca Santa Martha, a local cacao farm where we all learned about how the cacao fruit grows and how it is harvested and the many products that are made from all the parts of the fruit and seeds. Tariq, Barrett, Larry all felt like the farm was educational and fun while Yolanda reminisced about growing up near a cacao farm. We met the farm owner and her children who reminded Larry of his own grandchildren. Sharon enjoyed watching the farmer’s children play at the farm. The children gave each of us a lychee, a fruit grown on trees at the farm. Michelle treasured her fruit from the little boy.

After we got back to Alfredo’s house, we took a short break to enjoy some lychee that Donnie shared with all of us (thank you Nury!). We worked together on putting together the meds for the week. Thanks to some great music and many hands, we were done packing up all the necessary meds in about 2 hours! Jessica thought that this was the best inventory that she’d ever done. Because of the maturity of the team, everyone just jumped in and made the medication preparation go quickly and smoothly. Carlos was impressed at the unity of the team as we did this laborious work. Evelyn enjoyed working with Peggy gathering and packing the diapers and basic hygiene items. She recognized how we may take these things for granted and how truly blessed we are. Nury placed Beverly in charge of remembering the community giveaways every day. Peggy felt thankful to be a part of the team as we all worked together to prepare for the week ahead.

After a restful afternoon, we went to El Cortijo Del Lago for fresh steamed tilapia. Susan thoroughly enjoyed the flavorful fish. Dale enjoyed watching Jessica figure out how to eat her whole steamed fish.

After dinner, Jay lead a devotional about how God manifests himself in many different forms. Mother Theresa was serving the poor when an angry person came to her. She smiled and continued to serve. When asked how she could be so calm, she said, “God took an interesting form today.” Shirley felt blessed when Jay asked God to guide each of our hands as we serve the people of Honduras.

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