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Love in Their Words, Peace in Our Hearts

The destination for first day in the village was 18MiraFlores in Santa Barbara.

After a pit stop to the gas station to fill up "ole' faithful" (Misiones Medicas Montanesas), we headed up the mountain. This bus can go ANYWHERE!! It carries team members and medical supplies time after time throughout the remote villages of Honduras, bringing hope and healing to the sick.

While setting up our stations for the day, we were able to interact with the people in the community, each one with a smile on their face and the sound of love in their voice.

It was truly amazing to see our team pull together to make everything run smoothly.

We were able to treat 176 patients in the general clinic, vitamins were given to 175 people, 92 had deworming treatments, 37 were given vitamin A, 28 had fluoride treatments, with 48 in the eye clinic, 17 in the dental clinic, with 28 extractions. We also made 10 referrals for patients who needed additional or follow up care. It was a great start to our week!

After a delicious lunch, a friendly game of soccer (which they won, of course!) and taking some photos of the gorgeous mountainside, it was time to finish out the day. With the remaining supplies packed up, the bus loaded, and all heads accounted for, we were on our way back "home" with the feeling of accomplishment and peace in our hearts.

Just when I thought the day couldn't get any did! That familiar sound of the cowbell to let us know "dinner is served". Tilapia + Me = HAPPY for the rest of the week!! :)

~ Elizabeth Powell

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