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Age is Just a Number

AL/CA/MD/VA Team Journal 3

Clinic Day - Las Quebradas

“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again” - Etienne de Grellet

The quote above does a great job in summarizing the approach the AL/VA/MD/CA team is taking this week. Once the team started the day off right with another delicious breakfast prepared by the talented Virginia and Albita, we hit the road and traveled to Las Quebradas. Once we arrived, everyone on the team was greeted like celebrities by the smiling faces of the residents both young and old. The residents made quick work of unloading the bus so the team could get to work as soon as possible!

Dr. Shea, Dory, Don, Frank, Stephanie, Jessica, and Dra. Moncada continued staffing the six stations seeing 224 patients. Dr. Shea saw many healthy babies, Jess focused on the elderly of the community and made numerous friends, Don and Stephanie shared laughs with their patients, Frank and Dory shared their expertise with all the patients they saw.

Daniel, Megan, and Kara continued their work in the vitamin A, de-worming, and fluoride clinic tending to 97 patients. Daniel managed not to fall out of another chair today, which made us all rest easy. He did, however, manage to paint the fingernails of a few lucky young ladies continuing his Honduran cosmetology career.

Marco, Virginia, and Raleigh celebrated day two of helping the residents of Las Quebradas see a little clearer “seeing” (pun intended) 56 patients. Virginia even got the opportunity to practice her Spanish while serving as the greeter at the door.

Dr. Arita, Wesley, and Bill made enjoying food a little more comfortable for the folks of Las Quebradas, with serving 22 patients in the dental clinic.

A special reunion took place with Jessica, Daniel, Shea, and Bill and the community midwife. She is credited with delivering the majority of the members of the community. Even though it is thought she is around 90 years old, she still has a vibrant grin and the enthusiasm of a young lady saying that “age is just a number - forget about it and just keep moving”as her secret to life. It was nothing but smiles when she saw the members coming back to say hello.

We came back to Barnabas House after a brief stop at the local coffee shop here in Peña Blanca. Everyone agreed that Starbucks should take some notes! We enjoyed wonderful company over dinner, and a few yawns were spotted amongst the team members.

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