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What You Can't Pack in a Duffle

Los Robles Journal 3

Clinic Day 2 - A New Village for FOB

On day two, the FOB team rode on bumpy, windy mountain roads to reach the remote mountain village of Santa Ana Ceguaca. As we pulled up, a sea of smiling and cheering kids and grateful parents greeted us. The mountain tops were interrupted by white clouds, seemingly viewed at eye level.

We unloaded a bus-full of equipment, and set up our stations. Today I worked in the vision clinic like I did the day before, which I LOVE. I watched both young and old step into the clinic, and I will never forget the look on their faces after they put on a pair of glasses and experienced the world in a new light, with a clarity they’ve never experienced before, as if seeing it for the first time.

During lunch, I had the luxury of getting to know the kids, as they surrounded me and wouldn’t leave my side. I took pictures with them and taught them a few English words, while all the while they clasped and clutched onto my scrubs and held on for dear life. Making them laugh, enjoying their company, brought me an inner joy.

I won’t forget about a little girl named Natalie, begging me to stay, or another little girl that started to sob as I said good bye and boarded our bus, readying to leave. The connections I made, the love and inner joy I experienced spending time with these precious souls. I realize that we take things for granted, and I now know how truly blessed my team and I are to be here and help. This is an opportunity I will forever be grateful for.

Wendy and Clara's Story

Wendy took care of a six-year old girl, brought in by her mother. Wendy noticed that she appeared so sad and quiet, and was complaining of a headache. Sensing something seriously wrong, Wendy asked mom if she needed to talk in private, which prompted mom to release a flood of emotion. The little girl had been repeatedly abused by a nanny hired by the father, estranged from the mother. The mother was able to save this little girl from further physical assault, but the emotional and physical damage continued in the form of headaches and sadness.

Overcome by emotion, Wendy’s translator, Clara, blessed and prayed with the mother, while Wendy hugged the daughter. The room became quiet, as we all witnessed this surge of emotion overcome them. Wendy gave her cross the little girl, while Clara gave her cross to the mother.

We bring not just medicines and health education to the Honduran people, we bring hope and love, and in times like these it seems much more important than anything else that can fit in a duffle.

Chloe and Carlo Reyes

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