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Walk A Mile in Their Shoes

Southern Virginia (SoVa) Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Day 5

We rounded out the week with our 3rd new community. The village was small but their needs were great and we were up for the challenge!

In Aguazarca, we referred 5 patients to the extended care program, extracted 42 teeth, gave 36 patients new eyeglasses and saw 163 patients in the medical was a busy day for a Friday!!

That being said, the Honduran staff still found time for us to visit a waterfall along the way back. It was nice to see families enjoying leisure time along the river and we hiked along the water.

We are so thankful for all the new friendships we have formed this week and feel blessed that the Lord has used us to minister to his people.

Our 6 word stories:

Barb - I love helping people in Honduras.

Bryce - I am sad it is Friday.

Michael - When he calls you, just go!

Teresa - Dangerous, treacherous, unsafe roads...thanks Marco.

Patricia - Don't overthink it, just trust God!

April - I'm glad I came to Honduras!

Maddie - It's not yogurt, it's a topping.

Tammy - Blood, sweat, tears...successful mission trip.

Becky - Supposed to be a short day?

Martha - Saw Jesus in a precious boy.

Debbie - Many wonderful lives blessed this week.

Maryena - Ziplined over waterfalls: heart eye emojis. 😍

Tonia - So sad the week has to end 😭

Taylor - Walk a mile in their shoes.

We're not paying our departure tax! ;)

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