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A Warm Welcome

Southern Virginia (SoVa) Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Day 3

We were humbled by the warm welcome we received in today in Los Globos.

The elementary school children stood with signs and thanked us for coming to their village. The children prayed over the team and we were moved by their appreciation and sincerity.

Our day, in six words:

Patricia - Are you really that sick today?

Michael - In their eyes, He is there!

Martha - Such poverty in a beautiful country.

Maryena - Lots of screamers in dental today.

Barb - Dental clinic was slow again today 😥

Taylor - Giving out happiness through pictures alone !

Debbie - Would be lost without my interpreter.

April - Very productive day, saw so many.

Bryce - Cockroaches do fit in ear canals.

Becky - Ran out of cups and gloves.

Teresa - In bed early...58 eyeglass patients!

Tonia - Cardy my Honduran hero... bedrest... humbling.

Tammy - Military grade mosquitos do exist here.

Maddie - Pineapple turnovers are the best dessert.

Hump day, bumpy needed.

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