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Plan B

Southern Virginia (SoVa) Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Day 2

Day 2: La Másica, Cortés

Due to an unexpected change in plans, today's community had only one day to prepare for our arrival. However, the turnout was large and our services were high in demand!

A group from our team paid a house call to one of the elderly men in the village. He required an IV in his home and we pray that he will be able to travel to the health clinic for the additional care he needs.

In addition, we referred 29 more patients to the health clinic and 4 to our extended care program.

Here's what the team had to say in our six words stories today:

Barb - I beat Zika in Honduras today.

Maddie - I almost had a heat stroke.

Bryce - I gave my cross away...Maria.

Taylor - Wish I could print more pictures.

Tonia - God puts us where HE wants us.

Debbie - Hot, humid, worth every minute.

April - Holy cow it was hot today.

Martha - Little fingernails painted...sharing Christ's love.

Teresa - Adorable, huggable, unforgettable blessings from God.

Becky - Lonely boy got my cross today.

Patricia - Embracing God's love in suffering pain.

Michael - She healed him with her hands.

Maryena - I'm buying stock in pineapple juice.

International Women's Day...Ladies in charge!

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