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Great Reminders

This morning, breakfast was served at 6:30am, the team was then ready to visit our first village of the week. Dressed in scrubs and loaded down with water, sunscreen, bug spray and medical supplies, we boarded the bus. The first timers were excited to experience their first visit to a community. Those who had been here before were excited to get to the work they were here to do. After a couple bumpy roads, narrow bridges, and cows in the road, we arrived at Planes de Italia.

Villagers were already awaiting our arrival. A small group of boys played soccer barefoot in the yard while waiting for the day to begin. After unloading our supplies, the bus was closed up. A young boy walked up to the back of the bus and with his finger wrote “Dios es Amor" (God is Love) on the dusty window of the back of the FOB bus. What a wonderful way to start the day and a great reminder of why we are here!

In one of the school rooms serving as a clinic for the day, there were two math problems from the last day of school. One problem involved division and the other involved the idea of greater than or less than. This was a great reminder that while we live in different parts of the world and while we speak different languages, there are so many ways that we are the same -- no less than or greater than.

Pastor Brad gave a welcoming message to the village followed by a devotion, and then the clinics opened. Both adults and kids had smiling faces. In the vitamin, deworming, vitamin A and fluoride station, handing out cross necklaces was a big hit with kids and even with some adults. The children also enjoyed having their pictures taken and then seeing themselves on the phone screen.

Some team members had a little time to play with the children following lunch. Blowing bubbles created much excitement as kids tried to pop as many bubbles as possible. A few tried catching a bubble in their mouths.

During the afternoon, a heavy rain and thunderstorm moved through the area. When the day was done, we saw 229 people in the general clinic, performed 26 extractions and gave 42 children fluoride, just to name a few totals.

After a wonderful meal of fish, plantains, rice, squash, coleslaw and flan, we prepared for devotions. Pastor Brad talked about the theme of resurrection and discussed the idea of resurrection being both a future promise and a current reality. This reality can be seen in the healing we witness every day. A nice reminder that while we wait on the future promise, we can still see God's work each and every day in our own lives and in the lives of others.

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