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Music to Our Ears

Good Evening Everyone!! We did it, Team!!

The team made it to all the communities, turned no patients away, and it didn’t rain!!! We ventured out today to the community of Quebraditas. The people were wonderful and very welcoming of the medical team. There were 259 seen in the General clinic, 147 in Deworming, Vitamin-A 53, Fluoride 81, Dental 38 with 50 extractions, and 49 in Vision. Teenage pregnancy was seen here.

The community is progressing, we witnessed firsthand the installation of a water line. The ditches had been dug and the water pipes laid when we arrived. Men and boys of all ages were busy burying the pipes for the water line. It was a great event to witness.

It has been a great week traveling to different communities and meeting the people. Seeing the hardships the Honduran people experience can be heartbreaking. The “glue” of the communities is the love and respect they share for one another. They work together to keep their community thriving, but without the help of Friends of Barnabas there is doubt that this would be possible.

The team was discussing the week’s events and team member, Bob Moore, really put everything into perspective. Bob had been looking through pictures from a previous trip a few years ago. He came across a picture of a little girl who was seen again this year in one of the team’s clinics. He stated, “She was well-adjusted and growing and looked wonderful!” This was music to our ears!

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