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What A Busy Day!

Good Evening from Mountain Medical Team 10-15!!

Today, we travelled to San Jose de La Cuesta. This was a very busy day for all clinics with 278 seen in the general clinic. Fifty-four patients were seen in the dental clinic and between them, there were 79 extractions. The team members in the vision clinic examined 66 folks. The volunteers in the Deworming/Vitamin A/Fluoride station distributed deworming medication to 192 and Vitamin A to 36. They also gave 60 fluoride treatments to children.

Upon exiting the bus this morning, an 82-year-old blind woman, who was being led around by her grandson, greeted each of us with a hug and a blessing. Joanne McKay, was so touched by this woman that she gave her cross to her. The woman prayed with Joanne and her husband Dr. Jim McKay.

Four other members also gave their crosses away today. Jill Knight gave her cross to a young boy who touched her heart with his playfulness. Dennis Knight gave his cross to a woman who touched him with her positive attitude, humor, and lust for life. Sylvia Knight gave her cross to a blind man who had the biggest smile on his face and Dr. Judy Bunin gave her cross to a 2-year-old boy with cardiac problems.

You could certainly tell how grateful the people of San Jose were, not only for the medical treatment, but for the time taken by the team members to interact with the community.

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