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Iris was a patient seen in the vision clinic on Thursday. Her vision is so poor in her right eye that the auto refractor nor the use of Reeves’ handheld tool could generate a reading. Sadly, Dr. Reeves sent her away with an Extended Care referral for potential surgery on her right eye. Unfortunately, Dra. Moncada reported that Iris had been previously referred and no surgery could be performed. Reeves was beyond perplexed and disappointed that nothing more that could be done for such a young girl with extremely poor eyesight. He talked out loud about her in the midst of assessing the next few clients as his brain steadily processed not only what was right in front of him, but the girl for who his heart was till so heavy from his desire to help.

Wanting to support Reeves, the rest of his eye team (Jeff and Marco) mobilized to go and find Iris and bring her back to the clinic; having faith that even when the first option is no longer viable, there’s always something else that can be done to make life better for this little girl. Back in the clinic came Iris, and after much manual searching by the eye team they found a pair of child glasses that significantly increased her capacity to see near and up to a distance of about 4-6 feet.

While alone, we sometimes feel helpless and limited, we must remember God is ALWAYS ON OUR TEAM. Anyone who has travelled here knows the power and miraculous things can be accomplished when we work together as a team. When one or more are gathered in his name, it’s hard to not to feel like God gives us together, uncanny superpowers, even if for a moment, a week, or with one little girl named Iris... all for His glory, and to share a merciful and humbling testament...

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