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Entertained by Monkeys

After a hectic week, the team had a cultural day of R&R. With an early start, we ended up at the Peninsula of Punta Sol. We had an enjoyable hike through the nature park with our tour guide Ricardo. When we arrived at the beach we had an opportunity to snorkel and dined on a lunch of fish. During our lunch we had two special guests, male and female monkeys. They were our entertainment.

It took much manpower to get the boat from the canal to the ocean, both coming and going. After a quick shower at our hotel, we had a delicious dinner and returned to pack our bags for the return home tomorrow.

Our team would like to extend our sincere thanks for the support and prayers from back home. Your letters, emails, and other messages have really meant a lot to us this week.

Until next time, Love from the Dinwiddie team.

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