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A Relaxing Day

Today was more relaxing, with everyone still recuperating from a long day of traveling yesterday. After breakfast, we went for a hike on a nature trail through the rainforest. The views were beautiful with Lake Yojoa in the background, big trees and luscious greenery. We added our signatures at the end of a pier and even found the names of our team from last year. We had a short devotional by the water side, with small boats and canoes passing by. At the end of the walk, we climbed to a big tree house and enjoyed the views from up high.

After returning to Alfredo’s House, we dined on a wonderful lunch, had a short siesta and then completed the pill counting. The six remaining duffle bags were returned to us today as well. We ended our work today by packing the bus with all the bins and bags necessary to start work in the community tomorrow. We enjoyed supper at the local D&D Brewery. Between a long day of traveling yesterday and our long walk today, everyone is ready to retire for the night.

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