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It was a short trip today to the community of Los Hules. It is a smaller community and we completed the clinic in the morning. Today allowed for time to slow down, reflect on the week and the new brothers and sisters that we have met and spent the last week with. Great bonds of friendship have been formed and memories that will never be forgotten.

The day was shortened so that we could do inventory this afternoon and help prepare for the team that comes later this month. There is a comfort with each other and the Honduran people that cannot be explained unless one makes the effort to come and experience the work of FBOF. Many Hondurans were served selflessly by the Laurel Hill and Honduran team and the love of Christ was shown to those we did not know and had difficulty pronouncing their names (the Americans).

Many ask why we go to Honduras when there are so many needs at home. The question has a complex answer but the best way to explain it is to see a village that has no electricity, no phone service, a path through the mountains which is called a road, the nearest "super mercado" (grocery store) many kilometers away along with the nearest health care provider, and the faces of hundreds of children who are destined to grow up to replace their parents as the harvesters of the fruit and coffee that Americans crave.

As yesterday's journal talked about God making a way for us, it was evidenced as the bond between the American team and Honduran team matured throughout the week.

"Showing the love of Christ to the world, one child at a time."

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