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El Cielito

Today's community, El Cielito, was a place of natural beauty. The "little sky" was a brilliant Honduran blue highlighted by the clouds as they rolled over the mountains casting shadows on the steep verdant slopes.

Clinics were situated in two school rooms, a family's home and outside on a front porch. Rick is the new Team 3 "eye guy." He and Marco partnered to assure each person was fitted with the correct prescription for “distancia” or reading. They taught how to use eye drops and how to properly care for their new glasses.

Medical clinic was full of babies today! After each baby was examined, Suzanne made sure they received cloth diapers, pins and a snuggly-sling. The day began with a devotion based on Philippians 4:4-5 ..."let your gentleness be evident to all." When Laura provided education for her families, she insisted they repeat the directions or demonstrate how to use an inhaler to ensure the families would use the medicines correctly.

We ended our day with Cora's devotion from Isaiah 64:7: “We are the clay and you are the potter and we are all the work of your hands.” Team 3 has been shaped by our week together serving the children of Honduras.

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