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Well-Oiled Machine

Saturday, September 20

Our stories today come from the hospitals of Ruth Paz and Cemesa. Four patients were seen today at Cemesa for cardiac cath procedures. All went well. Young Jorge brought his mom, dad, big brother and grandmother for support and encouragement. It was so special to see his “abuela” reading scripture to him, as her way to calm his nervousness. Little Gloria hung tightly to her mother until it was her turn to have her cath.

At Ruth Paz, all hands were busy setting up the OR and ICU, where our open heart surgeries start on Monday. Dr. Nikaidoh could be found stocking supplies in the OR. ICU doctors reviewed charts and planned ahead for special care that may be needed. The five student nurses from Denver unpacked boxes and prepared our ICU rooms. Jackie and Dan organized the pharmacy and began stocking routinely needed medications for each area. The ICU nurses tested equipment, sorted and organized supplies and made the nurses station functional. OR staff prepared equipment, sorted and stocked supplies, and discussed what items would be needed for each case. Handyman Doug even helped to get the new heart/lung bypass machine unpacked and set up.

The end of the day was spent in fellowship and fun. The entire team shared pizza, stories and generally got to know each other a little better. We appreciated the presence of Friends of Barnabas Board Chairman, Robert Maddox, who shared words of encouragement and support for the activities of the next week. We are missing just team member who arrives tomorrow and the team will be complete.

And at Barnabas House, children and mothers are anxiously waiting to meet the team members who are traveling to BH for a visit tomorrow. They even know of a special treat planned for the team…but it is a secret. SHHHHH!!!

This is a well-oiled machine, busy preparing and planning. It is also a team full of loving, caring hearts that can’t wait to make a difference in a child’s life. God has chosen well.

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