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Lesson of the Widow's Mite

Sunday began with the entire team heading up the mountain to Buena Vista. We left around 6:00 AM in a light rain. Once there the team went to work, rafters were welded and set, the cook stove and the septic tank were completed, and a ton of gravel was moved to prepare the floor for concrete. While all this was going on, a light rain continued to fall, the mud was several inches thick on our feet and we slipped in mud with each step. The home owner and his family are involved with every aspect of the construction and worked tirelessly.

We were gifted with a large bag of produce at the building site by the home owner's sister-in-law. The people who have so little want to share it all; she was so excited to present us with these home grown vegetables. It reminded me of the widow in the Bible who only had two coins, but she gave all she had.

As the rafters were set today, one of the Honduran helpers was hit by a cinder block, causing a deep cut. Please keep this gentleman in your prayers.

The Repair Team

Shaun Abernathy

Ann and John Amos

Clinton Dalton

Ronnie Dillon

Bill Hogan

Ben Kendig

Kyle Kirby

Chris Lewis

Terry Lewis

Frank and Lil Martin

Ernest Sandridge

Stuart Yeaman

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