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Trinity visits Las Margaritas

Monday, January 23, 2023

Team Trinity was excited to kick off 2023 with a visit to a new community, Las Margaritas. It is a community of 64 families who are working toward safer water and a healthier community.

Virginia, RN, saw a patient today with very brittle asthma who was in significant respiratory trouble. Our patient was so happy that the FOBF brigade was available to make her feel immediately better and helped her to manage this condition better going forward.

Wendy, a FNP on her first trip, notes that she heard “thank you” and “God bless your work” from so many families. It filled her heart.

Roger and Roger Jr enjoyed their time in the dental clinic noting the kind heart and gentleness of Dra. Ondina and how well her patients responded to her caring manner.

We ate a wonderful dinner, had a heartfelt devotion that reminded us all to care for ourselves as well as we try to care for others.

~Kristen and Linda

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