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Team Trinity is in Honduras!

Saturday & Sunday, January 21-22, 2023

Trinity’s Pastor, Brian Siegel, met us at the Richmond airport to pray over the team Saturday morning, and then we were off. Travel from Richmond to Honduras was on time and uneventful. Arriving in Honduras was interesting as immigration was different with each officer, and then customs counted each and every bottle and tube of medicine.

We arrived Alfredo’s House, where were greeted with fresh fruit, hugs and smiles. Our team has settled in nicely and we are anxious to get started.

Joseph led the devotion Saturday night where he mentioned his observation that true joy in life comes when we discover our true talents and then share them with others. He shared 1 Corinthians 12:4-13 where Paul writes about talents being activated by the Holy Spirit. Our prayer is that the Spirit activates our true talents.

For Lindas Sunday devotion, she led us in an abbreviated communion service where she pointed out that we are here in community with each other and with the people of Honduras.

Sunday, the team went to the Pulhapanzak Falls. It was beautiful! Many times, rainbows appeared at just the right moment. Many team members were interested in going on the zipline over the waterfalls but were hesitant. Finally, a group decided to go together and had a blast. We also went to the local supermarket.

In the afternoon the team prepared vitamins and medications for the upcoming clinics. We got a great system going, with each team member helping out with their small, but essential step in the assembly line. We can't wait to use our newfound teamwork at the clinics.

For dinner we went to Agua Azul. The restaurant has a beautiful overlook of Lake Yojoa, and we enjoyed local dips, chips, and meats.

Kristen’s evening devotion talked about FOB mission to Heal, Educate, and Empower ties into Jesus' empowerment of so many in his circle from John the Baptist to the apostles.

We are excited to go to our first village tomorrow. This is the first visit from a team to this particular village and it is our first visit as a team. We are praying for patience with ourselves as we get started.

~Wendy, Chelsea & Joseph

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