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El Encinal

Wednesday, January 25th, 2023

Today we visited El Encinal and served 45 families, all appearing to be in general good health.

4 Crosses where given:

-Chris gave one to a little boy who then in-turn gave the Cross to his little brother.

-Dr Powell gave her Cross to little boy whose birthday was today.

-Dr Shreve gave his Cross to a grandmother who takes care of her 12 grandkids.

-Joseph gave his Cross to a very friendly young man who was very engaging.

The community was very helpful during setup and throughout the day, on several occasions extending warm smiles of appreciation for the FBO support.

Team Trinity shared in celebrating National Honduras Women’s Day with Lidia and the Honduran FOB.

Special recognition was given to Jim and his language and interpretation contributions to the Dental Clinic area.

Several members closed out the day playing soccer with the kids of El Encinal.


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