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The Sun Shines on Agua de La Reina

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

After several days of dreary weather the sun finally came out today, and we visited the community of Agua de La Reina. The team was very helpful in meeting the needs of the physicians as they were seeing patients. There were multiple people working together to get supplies for our patients. This community had a fair amount of hygiene needs, so Friends of Barnabas will hold a hygiene education seminar in this community next month.

Luis shared with us Honduran village customs around the postpartum period. For the first 40 days after birth called La Cuarentena, the mother does not leave her home and strictly focuses on taking care of her baby. She will keep her head and feet covered. She dresses her baby in red, red clothes, red bracelet or red cloth. It is thought symbolic of the blood of Jesus, protecting the infant. During this time the family will help out with cooking and chores.

Christina gave her cross to a 63 year old grandmother who is raising her many grandchildren. Two of the boys were abandoned by their mother on the community soccer field when she left for the US. The grandmother found them after they had been there for several days, not knowing they had been abandoned.

Joseph gave his cross to a little boy who was very eager to help. He excitedly helped carry boxes to the bus and truck, and tried hard to load them even though he was a bit too short to reach the deck.

~Dr. Kristen

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