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Repair Team Update

Journal 3

Our day began as always with breakfast, and then duties were divided up. This team has worked together so long that we all know each others' strengths and weaknesses. It is hard to explain how cohesive we are. The love and respect the members have for one another is an inspiration to all here at the Barnabas House. We were told that the staff look forward to the Repair Team every year because of all the laughter and the way we include the staff members in our group.

Progress is continuing on the fence. David laid the last block on the footing before lunch. After lunch the chain link fencing started to go up.

Ann Hope and I worked on Thanksgiving dinner all day!!! This involved another trip to the store to get a few more ingredients. We shared our meal with Alba and Virginia, the cooks in the Alfredo House, Berta, the cook in the Barnabas House, Danilo, who takes care of us all, and one of the security guard, Jose.

We want to thank all of you for the wonderful Thanksgiving greetings, we hope your day was a rewarding as ours.


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