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A Special Treat

Greetings from Mountain Medical Team 10-15!!

The team traveled to San Ramón, San Francisco de Ojuera today.

The bus ride was very long and bumpy, but once we finally arrived we were received by a wonderful community that was so appreciative. Some walked and others piled into the back of pick-up trucks to receive medical care. There were 234 seen in the General clinic with 165 in Deworming, 68 Fluoride, 25 Vitamin A, 43 Dental with 59 extractions, and 69 in Vision. We saw malnourished children and a high percentage of teenage pregnancies today which really “tugged” at our hearts.

Once we arrived back at the Alfredo House, we were greeted by the staff with a wonderful dinner. Students from the Instituto Juan Alberto Melgar Castro entertained us with vivid skits and dancing. Torrejas was served as a special treat for the dancers and the team. Cardy explained to us that torrejas is a Honduran dessert normally served at Easter with some type of hot drink.

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