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A Day Filled with Children

Tuesday, July 15

Today was inspiring! This morning before work, we had breakfast with the Friends of Barnabas staff. Nury had us sit at table alternating between an American and a Honduran, which really helped us get to know everyone better. So many people make this incredible operation happen and sharing a meal together really impressed upon us how important everyone is. After taking the bus to the El Cedral community, we set up clinic in a school and began work. We have been so blessed this week with incredible weather, with cool breezes blowing on us through the windows.

Our day today was filled with children. The children of this community were so outgoing and funny. They taught us games, played tag, and were always trying to hold our hands. We even saw one 11-month old baby sing and use a pretend microphone! The numbers of people who came to the clinic exceeded what we expected, but in the spirit of God’s work, we treated everyone. Towards the end of the day, Melvin, who the staff calls the “Tiger,” took some of us on a walk with many of the local children. He took us to a view that looked out on a lake and the beautiful Honduran mountains. Surrounded by children’s smiling faces with the sun shining on us, we all felt God’s love.

During dinner, some of the team was asking Pedro how to correctly respond in Spanish when the patients say “Gracias” (Thank you). He said you can either say “De nada” (you’re welcome) or you can say “Dios te bendiga,” which means “God Bless You.” He told us we should say “Dios te bendiga” because it is really what we are all here to do. His words ring true and each day we see how much God blesses all of us.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be our busiest day and we are all excited for another day of work!

The Reveille UMC Mountain Medical Team

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