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The Little Hearts Project

The Little Hearts Project (LHP) is a comprehensive pediatric cardiac project created in partnership with local Honduran hospitals and health care providers.  FOB worked to establish the project for more than a decade with the support of yearly screening teams as well as interventional and surgical teams and by training the first, formally trained, pediatric cardiovascular surgeon in Honduras, Dr. Victor Paz.  In 2015, the first Honduran pediatric cardiac surgical ward and ICU was opened and staffed for year-round surgeries at Ruth Paz Hospital, being equipped through the generosity of a Rotary International matching grant.  Eventually, surgeries would be available to children not only at Ruth Paz Hospital in San Pedro Sula but also at Hospital Maria in Tegucigalpa as well.  Approximately 200 surgeries are provided each year.


For four years, FOB remained a partner with Ruth Paz Hospital, providing support, as needed.  Today, FOB is evaluating where its vocational, financial, and supportive resources can best be utilized in the San Pedro Sula area towards furthering the dream of sustainable, pediatric interventional cardiac care. 


The healthcare structure is changing each year and FOB is anxious to support the hospital administration most willing to embrace and support pediatric cardiac care sustainably for the long term.  In the meantime, FOB continues to provide many children who have cardiac needs with case management services as well as pre-operative, post-operative, and follow-up care.


Friends of Barnabas partners with other nonprofits working in Honduras that sponsor surgical teams, by providing pre-op, post-op, and follow up care to children in need. Rather than trying to duplicate services, collaborating in this way allows Friends of Barnabas to maximize our resources, while building relationships with other great organizations in country, which in turn allows all of us to help more children in need. We partner with organizations to support cleft lip/cleft palate surgeries, neurological surgeries, and others.  

Other Surgical Programs
Lori and Henry.jpg

Lori Cordova, RN PICU and early FOB visionary of the Extended Care Program and Little Hearts Program with Henry, a Little Hearts patient

Dr. Victor Paz, the first pediatric cardiovascular surgeon in Honduras, trained by Friends of Barnabas

Current FOB projects

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