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The Scouting Team visits La Cuchilla

Wednesday, October 20th 2021

Today the scouting team headed to the mountains of the Santa Barbara region to hold a busy clinic day in the community of La Cuchilla. The team was able to provide services for approximately 240 individuals today, despite a huge challenge from the weather. The weather has certainly impacted this region, as on the drive up we encountered sections of the road with lingering damage from last year’s hurricanes as well as evidence of landslides.

The weather continues to complicate our mission, as today our clinic needed to be cut short due to sudden torrential downpours. True teamwork was on display. With all hands on deck, we were able to pack up our clinic quickly and efficiently in the pouring rain. Coming down the mountain, we had confidence in the reliability and sturdiness of our brand new bus in addition to the skills our exceptional driver, Geovanny. We arrived home a bit wet but safe and sound after a very busy clinic day.

Encouragingly, many of the older persons in the community shared that they had received vaccinations for COVID-19 in the recent past. There were several medical needs in the community that we were able to identify. Dr. Joe referred a toddler who had a defect of the chest wall muscle and of his arm and hand on the same side of his body. These deformities didn’t dim his charm or his gorgeous smile. Our referral will allow him access to diagnostic services and the medical care he needs. Dr. Joe noted that even with our masks on, children still respond with joy to our smiles and silliness. Despite our PPE, we are able to connect to our patients and share a warm bond with them. Masks cover our faces, but not our enthusiasm!

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