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Team Chatham is in Honduras this week!

Sunday Sept 18th

After all being up since the wee morning hours to travel to Honduras, we slept ALL the hours 😴😴😴and woke up this morning refreshed and ready for some adventure! The team headed to Pulhapanzek falls where Steve, Christina, Linda, and Kim all leaped into the air and zipped across the waterfalls in a heart racing demonstration of no fear🤗. Everyone survived and came back unscathed albeit a little muddy (well Christina anyways) and we headed to the market for a true Honduran shopping experience.

Finally, after arriving back to the Alfredo house and enjoying the fine cuisine, we got to work! We learned the EMR 🥸, then packed up all the medications 💊 we would be providing the families the upcoming week. By the time we were finished with the tough labor 🥵🥵....we were all ready for dinner!!

We arrived at the Cabanas Agua Azul situated upon the lake with the magnificent backdrop of cloud covered mountains shrouded in mystery and dived into an amazing authentic meal, with Lidia and Fernado accompanying us. We will surely all sleep well tonight as we prepare for an exciting day tomorrow for our first clinic day of the week 🩺🩹💉.


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