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Medicine Boxes in Action

Dear Friends,

Our Barnabas Medicine Box Project is off to a great start! All six communities that received medicine boxes have completed the required training, and now Pascuala, our Community Health Nurse, is checking in with the community health volunteers weekly to record the aliments they are treating as well as the medications that are being dispensed.

Pascuala and Dra. Maria Moncada, our physician on staff, are very pleased with how the health volunteers are addressing the illnesses they are seeing and how they are managing the medications in their medicine boxes. Our medical staff is available to the health volunteers anytime they see a patient with symptoms beyond their training.

We want to thank everyone who has helped us provide these medicine boxes. The community leaders of these six communities have expressed their gratitude for not just the medications but also the training and trust that comes with it. This is just one way Friends of Barnabas is working towards sustainable healthcare for the communities in rural Honduras.

Thank you for joining us in this important effort.

Stay well,

Erin H. Caldwell


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