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El Día de los Niños

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Hump Day for The Joy Brigade has been titled, “El Día de los Niños” (The Day of the Children).

At our evening debrief, Shawn started off with her experience of seeing a little girl she had seen last year and again today. She was taken with her before and has had her on her mind all year. Louisa, Sanjana, and others were taken with the children in the community. A lot of nails got painted, adding smiles to everyone’s face. Frances played a finger game through the mesh wire that resulted in many laughs. Kathleen was amused by the little boys who wanted to help carry boxes into the school, boxes as big as they were. This brought a lot of joy to our team. Everyone seemed to express the same theme. It was a good visit to the community, Plan Grande.

Two crosses were given, one by Louisa to a woman who had a difficult extraction, and Shawn gave hers to the girl that she had thought about all year, mentioned above.

In the medical clinic, Char’s cloud continued to follow her. She started off the day with an elevated blood sugar and ended the day with a febrile boy to 102 degrees. Patti saw a 33-year-old mom with 7 kids, a family that she saw a year ago in a previous brigade. She was impressed that the mom had used information she learned previously from the brigade to get through a significant illness that went through the family. She referred brothers, one with seizures and one with a murmur. Julia had a typical day but also had a chance to be amused by two girls dressed in sweet dresses. Mary also had a typical clinic day but witnessed a mother react to a misbehaving child, using her universal “mama voice.” Joe spent more time sending referrals for chronic illnesses, including a woman with a blood sugar of 586.

At the end of the evening, Shane shared a devotion of praise and led us in singing “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” Father, I Adore You” in English and Spanish. The group headed to bed filled and fulfilled, tired and overwhelmed but committed to get up tomorrow and tackle whatever is given to us to do.

~Dr. Joe & Frances

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