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El Cerron

Wednesday May 17, 2022

Today our team visited the community in El Cerron, Taulabe, Comayagua. Our superb bus driver, Giovanny, did a great job of navigating the narrow dirt roads and turning the bus around when we made a wrong turn. We are so thankful to be in his safe and capable hands!

We all agreed that El Cerron was a beautiful village. The view from the top of the mountain can be seen below. It was breathtaking. As one of our team members put it, “like living in paradise.”

The families we served today were beautiful people – mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents who were so grateful to receive our care. We were able to connect with the community through the help of our wonderful team of translators who supported us through language barriers in order to better serve the families. One of our team members, Amy, who previously visited this community noted improvements due to the support provided by Friends of Barnabas, particularly in the children who were meeting their weight and height milestones. Mary felt a special connection to the children who seemed to enjoy simply being in the presence of our caring team members.

Our nurses had a busy day seeing a total of 50 families, but they all agreed that it was a fantastic day. We enjoyed an open-air setting for medical assessments, with a cool breeze blowing throughout and providing a welcome relief from the heat. Cindy was touched by a young boy with a foot injury due to lack of access to socks. She was able to provide a healing touch to clean his wound and provide the medication to improve his condition. Gabby shared about a young woman who was blind in one eye as a result of a childhood injury. She was able to provide education about eye health and recommend additional treatment.

Gabby was so thankful for the help of her translator, Daniel. He is serving Friends of Barnabas along with his mother, Dr. Ondina, our community dentist. Another team member, Marcy, gifted her cross to Daniel because of his kindness, patience, and warm personality.

The dental clinic was busy with teeth extractions and fluoride treatments for adults and children. Sharon felt very fortunate to be a kind and loving presence to those in pain during the extraction procedures. She also was thankful to connect with a new translator on our team who was excited to learn and share with her about his life.

Following a great day in the village, the team had the opportunity to visit a local coffee shop, Kota. We enjoyed delicious Honduran coffee and pastries and enjoyed the warm hospitality of the employees.

Before dinner, Lidia provided our team with a tour of the facility. She explained the various ministries and services provided through Friends of Barnabas. How wonderful to hear how FOB is serving so many people in Honduras through loving service! This organization is a truly a blessing to the surrounding communities through education and medical care.

We were truly grateful for another special day serving in Honduras!

~Erin Boggs and Amudha Jacob.

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