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Be the Change Team's Last Day of Clinics

Friday, May 20th, 2022

The last day of the Be the Change’s mission trip has come to an end. Many team members noted that though it was the hottest day yet, it was also one of the best. Cindy shared a story of a patient in her medical station with a recent motorcycle accident. She was grateful for the opportunity to educate his wife about cleaning and caring for his wound in order to promote healing. Many of us also recognized the patience of the children in this village who were very polite and well-dressed in their school uniforms.

Lisa was excited to evaluate the oldest patient, a 98-year-old man, Augustine, and the youngest, 1-month-old, Nelson. She was happy to report that both patients were healthy and thriving. Erin gave the welcoming address which was received with enthusiasm by the community members. Applause and “Amens” were heard throughout the crowd. Erin was also grateful for the opportunity to learn about measuring vital signs from Gabby and Amudha.

It was difficult for the team to say goodbye to the wonderful Friends of Barnabas staff.

Though we live in different parts of the world, we recognized that we are all beloved children of God. We are grateful for the opportunity to meet so many incredible people and serve together in Honduras.

Written by: Amudha, Amy, Marcy, Mary, Sharon, Karen, Erin, Cindy, Lisa, Gabby, and Theresa

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