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This Week at Barnabas House

Dear Friends,

We have good news to share from our team and families in Honduras. Last Friday, our Extended Care patient's medicines arrived in Honduras just in time for our scheduled medicine distribution week. Usually our patients' families come to our facilities to pick up their children's medications; however, with the COVID-19 quarantine still in place in Honduras, this was not entirely possible.

In Honduras, adults are only allowed to leave their homes for essential needs every 10 days based on the last number of their identification card. Our Transportation Coordinator, Geovanny, has been granted permission from the Ministry of Health to deliver medicines to our patients on any day of the week. With patients spread across Honduras and in hard to navigate terrain, however, it is not possible for Geovanny to personally deliver each patient's medicine to their home.

Therefore, our creative nurses developed a plan. For months, they have communicated via group text with patient parents for educational purposes. Now, with this new challenge, they created groups based on patient locations. The parent groups help to coordinate and distribute medicines to families living in their areas.

When Geovanny is able to bring medicines to their area, a parent leader, who is permitted to leave home that day, will meet him and then deliver the medications to the families in his or her group who live nearby.

It has been beautiful to see our families working together to take care of all of their children.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Meet ECP patient, Reisel! Her mom texted after receiving her medication from another ECP parent, who helped with delivering medicines to patients in their area: "Bless all the people of this group, especially the medical staff. Thank God that Reisel has her medication at home. We want to thank the leader. May God bless you abundantly."

This is Daniel, another ECP patient. His mom texted to let us know they received his medicine, "Thank you to the entire Friends of Barnabas group for the love and dedication you have for your patients. God bless you and may the grace of God be with you always. My son, Daniel, received his medication today. Thank you to the leader of this area for your help and support."

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