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Trinity visits Partner Community, El Carrizal

Monday, January 20th, 2020

Today we visited El Carrizal in Gualala, Santa Barbara. This was FOB’s first clinic visit to this community. It is also the community that is partnered with Trinity UMC. The community has 400 people living in 120 houses. Half of this community has indoor plumbing, and the community does have electricity. They were well prepared for us to visit with open arms to help unload the buses and set up. One of the community leaders took a couple of our team members around to see homes, buildings being built, waterfalls, and swimming holes.

Kevin, a first timer to Honduras, was expecting chaos as we arrived this morning, but was pleasantly surprised at how well everything flowed and how organized the team was. Many on this team have been working together for years and we work together so well! Caroline, another first timer, got to hold a baby, helped in the pharmacy, learned about the dental clinic, as well as doing measurements and weights on the babies. She had a busy first day!

Larry, who typically worked in the pharmacy on previous trips, was able to work in the eye clinic today. He really enjoyed being able to see the joy on the faces of those receiving glasses who could see well and even read for the first time.

We found that many of the families in this community were actually blended families and raising children who were not biologically theirs. These families, who were already living in poverty, are now raising kids for others who were too poor to raise their own children.

We had a really great first day of clinic and first visit to this community, and we are excited to do it all again tomorrow!

~Christina & Bert

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