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Links in a Chain

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Our team’s time in Honduras has come to a close. Our last full day in this special place was spent enjoying the beauty of God’s creation and continued reflection on the week’s experiences.

After a delicious breakfast prepared and served by Karen and Albita, we traveled the short distance from Alfredo’s House to Pulhapanzak National Park. The waterfalls there were breathtaking and the rainbow bouncing off the stream reminded us of all of God’s promises. Later in the day we toured a cacao farm where we hiked among beautiful vegetation and learned about the origins of chocolate and how it’s made. Despite the warm temperature outside, we enjoyed the delicious hot chocolate made from the cacao beans harvested right on the property.

These outings were the perfect way to refresh our minds and spirits after our three intense days of NICU education and hospital visits. We also spent a good deal of time reflecting together on what we tried to teach the dedicated nurses and what we learned from them, along with where we saw God this week.

The conditions we saw at each hospital, including the care practices and resources of each, taught us a lot about what the next steps of the NICU education program could be. We were inspired by how the Honduran doctors and nurses make the most of what they have available to care for these beautiful babies. We were humbled by the affection and gratitude they showed to each of us. We were delighted as we saw how much they learned and how eager they were to take the knowledge back to their units.

At the end of the day on Friday, one of the nurses commented that after all of the week’s training, she could truly see how all of the information “fit together like links in a chain.” That made our hearts so happy, because it was evidence that the NICU program really is making a difference. And it reminded us that when we are open and obedient to God’s call to take His love and His provision out into the world, we become important links in the chain that is eternal.

Our team is so thankful for the blessings we have shared doing this work and for the friendships we have forged. We are also thankful to each of you who have supported us in our fundraising and with your prayers. We have felt your love and it has sustained us. Thank you all.

~ Frances

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