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Los Robles visits Los Hules

Friday, October 18, 2019

It was a little tougher getting up this morning. It was a busy week. The fifth and last village of our mission, the emotional roller coaster of true exhilaration, heartbreak, joy and gratitude have left us all a bit fatigued.

The sweet smell of Honduran coffee and another home cooked meal dragged me out of bed. It seemed a little quieter at the table as I looked around. There were heart-felt smiles, a few yawns and others that appeared deep in thought as we sipped our coffee.

We boarded the bus. It seemed hotter and more humid then the prior days. We fanned ourselves and Raul, our famous bus driver, turned on what he jokingly called the “air conditioner.” In reality it was a small, 4 inch fan above his driver’s seat. His infectious smile and witty charm kept us smiling!

The village, Los Hules, was closer than the other villages we had visited. We were greeted with enthusiastic waves, vibrant smiles, and children running, jumping and chasing the bus. This was quite different from the previous day. Here in Los Hules, there seemed to be a stronger sense of community. The houses were closer. They seemed more joyful and happier overall.

The villagers close down the school so we could set up our clinic. The classrooms at this village had a few more supplies than the other villages we had visited the previous days. By the days end, our team had assessed, educated and treated 185 patients, totaling 917 in 5 villages in 5 days.

We had stations where we dispensed vitamins, administered deworming medication and fluoride treatment, an eye clinic where glasses were given. We had a much needed dental area where extractions were done.

On our drive back we visited our new favorite, Frank’s Coffee house, for a decadent afternoon treat. With our tummies full and our blood sugar high, we wrapped up our day with a guided tour from Doctor Moncada. We toured the grounds where we were able to see the Barnbas House and how everything comes together. It’s a beautiful thing how things happen. As I looked up, the evening sky reassured me that I am exactly where I need to be.

After a nice cool shower and yet another ‘DEETing’ we all gathered for our final home cooked dinner in the Alfredo House. I looked around and felt proud to be part of such an amazing, warm, kind hearted group of people!! I am truly grateful for this experience and my new BFF’s....... Barnabas Friends Forever!!

With true gratitude,


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