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RISE Team works with ECP patients

What are your simple pleasures? What makes your heart happy? Where is it that you find healing and a sense of purpose? If you were in Honduras today, you would have seen joy and healing at every turn.

The team from RISE had a chance to work with 8 of our Extended Care patients, all who have huge personal challenges each day. Just the first group activity of singing a simple song brought laughter, and wiggly hands and joy on parents faces. I can't even describe what it was like to watch and listen.

Each family then had personal interview and assessment time with members of the team. Challenges were identified and simple strategies for improving that particular child's development were discussed with the parents and then the FOB staff. We played ball, put together puzzles, practice standing and walking, and even danced a little.

The parents of these special needs children are amazing. Actually, there were two grandmothers in the group who had taken on the role as their grandchild's sole caregiver. There was a whole lot of love going on.

Once we had all shared a meal together, the team left to visit Fundación Hondureña Equitación Terapéutica (The Honduran Equine Therapy Foundation). Everyone enjoyed observing all the ways horses can provide therapy for those with challenges of many kinds. It is always amazing to watch hearts meet.

The day ended with a very special dinner with Dra. Sandra Corletto. Dra. Corletto managed the HELP program for Dr. Loretta Holder-Brown in Honduras. The evening was spent listening to stories of their work together and the dreams they both had for the health and well-being of children in Honduras. The week has now come full circle. God has placed each team member here for a reason. He placed Dra. Corletto and Dr. Holder-Brown together for a reason. He has placed of all these people with Friends of Barnabas for a reason. Together we can work to help the children of Honduras grow to their full potential, whatever that may be. child at a time.

~Patti Wagner

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