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Our Visit to El Pilon

Monday, January 21st, 2019

Today we saw 135 patients in the medical clinic with 14 referrals. This was our 3rd visit to this community. We are blessed to have 2 pediatricians with us on this team, so we have lots of hands to see all of these precious children!

Our Honduran dentists made the comment that we only had 9 dental patients, so clearly we are having an impact on this community!!

We had the opportunity to work with 7 Honduran translators, many of whom were new to us. They were fantastic and had some very interesting stories!

Some special patients today included a 13 year child with Down Syndrome who had never been to school before because the parents believed her to be incapable of going. We were able to refer her and hopefully encouraged them to start her in school!

We also had a child with a congenital defect in her hand. It was not fully formed but she had learned how to use it well.

There was an 11 year old who was dropped at 8 months old and was suffering with development delays, speech and hearing impairments.

We also had a little boy fell off horse and broke clavicle 8 days ago. Due to the delay in care, this injury will now just heal on its own. The boy was in good spirits and even playing soccer with the other kids (which we advised against until he is healed!)

The majority of our referrals today were due to hypertension so we had the opportunity to provide lots of education!

~Christina Harper & Dr. Bill Curry

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