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Trinity kicks of 2019 Mountain Medical Teams

While this Trinity team is a bit different from other years, it is still, as it’s always been said "a cast of characters.” We have 5 new team members this year:

  • Dr. Kristen Powell was born in Connecticut but graduated from high school in Little Rock, AR. She got her degree from MCV and practices with Dr. Bill Curry at Pediatric Associates of Richmond.

  • Amy O’Connell lives in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. She went to the University of Maryland and currently works in the marketing field.

  • Sarah lives in Dublin, CA and graduated as a CNA in 2008 from Prime Career College in Fremont, CA. She has worked in the ED at John Muir Hospital as well as San Francisco Surgery Center, but now works at the corporate office of Ross Stores, Inc.

  • Mike Thompson is father to Joseph and is the jack of all trades! Mike and his wife Barbara recently went on a Maryknoll Lay Missioners 10 day tour in Mwanza, Tanzania as well as toured Costa Rica! Mike grew up in Maryland and left for college and Vietnam back in the 60’s.

  • Bob lives at Lake Gaston, originally from Richmond. He currently works at McGuirewoods LLP as Information Security Administrator and this is his second mission to Honduras with FOBF. His first trip was in November 2018.

For a variety of reasons the team did not physically meet together until 10AM in Miami at gate D2. The Richmond contingent started at 445 at the Richmond airport, and we also had two new teammates Sarah from the San Francisco Bay area and Amy from Washington DC area. We are also joined by Bob from Lake Gaston and Mike from Southern Maryland. We are fast making new friends, yet we are missing those that could not join us for one reason or another. And we are grateful for our families and loved ones holding down the fort at home so that we have this opportunity to serve. We are eager for the week to start.

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