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Tuesday, July 24 2018

Hello, my name is Jack Orsi. I’m a rising junior at Godwin High School in Richmond, VA, and I came to Honduras with my mom through Reveille United Methodist Church. I’m writing this on Tuesday night, having only worked two days so far. In these past days, I’ve worked in the dental clinic and with the vitamin and deworming station. Today we visited a community named La Aguita.

The way that the communities are living amazes me. Their sizes alone are far different than we’re used to, having a village population being less than the amount of students at my school. They all live without basic privileges that we take for granted such as clean water and air-conditioning. Despite all of that, the communities are so close-knit, that I would call them families. They all know each other and are super friendly. Their loyalty towards each other shows in the way they all interact with themselves and with us.

A surprising thing to me was the trust that the people put into us. We’re complete strangers to them, but when I was working in the dental clinic I saw parents hand over their children to have a man put tools in their mouth, not knowing what may be happening. The communities are also always willing to help. They take pride in unpacking and repacking the bus at the beginning and end of the day, and I think that it’s their way of saying thank you.

All in all, I was very touched by the hospitality and friendliness of the communities that we’ve visited, and I can tell that this trip has changed my life before we have gotten half-way through the week.

~Jack Orsi

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