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Team SOVA's Final Clinic Day in La Pimienta

How can it already be the final stop of our journey? Today we returned to the department of Comayagua to the village of La Pimienta, San Jose.

La Pimienta is one of FOB’s Advanced Learning Communities. This means that they receive monthly education from FOB and this was evident during clinics today. While they are one of the largest villages we serviced this week, the amount of patients was disproportionate to their larger population. Those who have been here before said that it was much cleaner than when FOB previously visited.

After completing today’s clinics, we drove back to San Pedro Sula. We enjoyed a lovely dinner and the companionship of our team members as we laughed and cried and talked about the week’s events. It has been an amazing journey and we are anxious to have our family and friends and are thankful for everyone’s support so that we could be here.

Aimee Venn

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